Radio Shows

If you’re tired of the recycled, corporate drivel fed to you by the world of corporate media, you’re in luck. MCAAMP has you covered with an ever-growing roster of unique, fresh audio content ready to air on your radio station. In fact, we price and customize these shows so that you can easily recoup your costs by selling ONE title sponsorship of the show, even in a small, unrated market.

Man Called Amp in the Mornings
A ten-year radio vet, Amp Harrell brings his “10-big” personality to all genres of radio. The concept is simple: for a fraction of the cost of a traditional, live, local morning show, get The Man Called Amp for a handful of pre-recorded cut-ins over a four-hour morning show, along with liners, re-joins, promos, and even contest sounders (if negotiated) for a big sound at a small price. Amp’s guests are unique enough that the big corporations don’t have them–but powerful enough to build an audience, BECAUSE no one else has them. And the best part? You get to keep all of your own music, and most (if not all) of your local inventory. He saves you money on talent, builds an audience, fuels content, builds a brand, and helps you make money. It’s a win all around.

Down Finger Restart
Amp Harrell joins life-long racing fan “Shotgun” Devin Bradford for an hour long dash through the world of motorsports. The duo recap races in the top three series in NASCAR and all the headlines, then preview the big races upcoming, with predictions and fantasy-pick suggestions. And the fun continues in the off-season, as the pair catches people up on changes with rules, equipment, sponsors, drivers, and teams, while sending folks back to “the good ol’ days” with trips down racing’s memory lane. It’s a show that moves the needle…and steals the checkers! [45 minute weekly show, must air before Sunday race; 15 mins local avail]
Daily short features (“Splash and Dash”) also available.

Southern Fried Hockey Show
Amp Harrell, a second-decade hockey fan, and former goalie “Shotgun” Devin Bradford offer a view of hockey through a decidedly Southern lens. From the Pacific teams like San Jose, Arizona, and Anaheim to the East coast squads like Tampa Bay and Carolina, they cover it all–including how it affects the national picture as well. And of course, the boys throw in as much talk about their barnstorming Nashville home team as they can get away with, and even a little minor league talk as well. It’s hockey with a glass of sweet tea, and maybe five minutes for fightin’…ya’ll. [45 minute weekly show, targeted for Thurs-Sun airplay; 15 mins local avail]

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